Neurosurgical Specialists
Neurosurgical Specialists


""Over the past ten years, I have worked with all of the physicians at Neurosurgical Specialists on a professional level as an Operating Room Nurse at Sentara Leigh hospital. During this time, I have developed the utmost respect for all of the physicians ... they are highly esteemed in the community due to their skill level, patient care, integrity and values. In 2007, when I experienced a personal medical condition which required neurosurgical intervention, there was no question regarding which group I would choose. My post operative recovery was excellent and I have returned to my normal active lifestyle.""
- C.F.
""... very compassionate and concerned about my overall well being, general health and mobility which was very comforting during this difficult period in my life. At the present time my post operative outlook is good and I am anticipating a positive outcome.""
- B.S.
""I was involved in an automobile accident in May of 2006 in which I was injured and never fully recovered. Upon completion of a diagnostic procedure, my physician called me at home and explained the need for immediate surgical intervention. After being in some form of pain for two and a half years, post operatively, I felt immediate relief from some of the pain and am regaining use and feeling again. Unfortunately, it appears that I will need additional surgery to correct other issues related to the accident however I am optimistic due to the level of confidence that I have in my physician. I feel fortunate to have been provided such an excellent the level of care and would recommend the practice to anyone.""
- T.C.
""My physician was empathetic, compassionate and will forever be my HERO as he saved my life. Prior to surgery, I had some really difficult days... outstanding in their response to my needs and concerns. I have now returned to my normal activity level and have been released to be seen on as needed basis which is truly amazing. I will be forever grateful...""
- J.C.
""I have worked with the staff and physicians at Neurosurgical Specialists for more than 8 years on a professional level as a Nurse Case Manager. During this time I have found the physicians and staff to be professional and accommodating at all times. On a personal note, I have experienced low back pain which has hindered my quality of life for many years and in June 2008; I became eligible to participate in the In-Space program. Within a few days of the surgical procedure, I returned to an enhanced activity level and am forever grateful.""
- M.G.
""My physician is absolutely wonderful, amazing, trustworthy, compassionate and meticulous. The outcome from my most recent surgery has been very positive and I have complete confidence in his skills and abilities. The staff members have been very helpful and supportive in meeting my needs. Overall, my experience with the practice has been very positive.""
- L.M.
""I have worked in various capacities in the medical field for many years and my experience with my physician as well as the staff has been a fantastic, a 150% positive experience. I feel truly blessed to have been referred to the Practice as my post operative outcome has been very good which has reinforced my tremendous faith and trust in my physician. The staff members have always been accommodating, kind and compassionate whenever I was in need of any assistance.""
- H.P.
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